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Braided Fishing Line 4 Strands 6-60 LB Pesca

Lure As Gift 300M 10 Colors PE Braided Fishing Line 4 Strands 6 – 60 LB Pesca Braided Wire PE Fly Ice Carp Fishing Lines Wire

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If Poseidon line is the right line you want? We will tell you something.

When we are fishing,is it very unhappy the line be twisted? But now, the new generation high-tech help the Poseidon line smooth and tough, so it is hard to be twisted.

2.The Best Material From Japan DSM(SK-75/SK-70)
As an expert fisherman, we all want the line thiner and stronger, so the Poseidon line produce based on UHMWPE,and it is imported from Japan and DSM(SK75), so the best material, make the best line.

3.Braided by the machine from German
And the hi-quality material with hi-tech make Poseidon line more round than other 4 strands line, ensure casting.

Bulky knots eliminated, gives incredible contact with your catch.

5.No absorption
Nearly zero water absorption. Best for saltwater, blue lake fishing.

And our line is no unpleasant odor, so as the healthy, which will you choose?

Integrity/Quality/Service is our pursuit, so we must your best choice!

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